We are proud to present our new V3 technology.

The functionalities which are unique to the DDP are listed below.
We believe these are important for you. To understand these functionalities
please read the leaflets or brochure available below on this page.

with its own iSCSI/AVFS metadata controller for wire speed access

Folders for your eyes only. There are folders with volume properties

Projects always matches capacity
No unused capacity. No shrinking/expanding necessary due to foldervolumes

SMB access as well
DDP volumes and foldervolumes can be accessed via SMB also

Foldervolume access control
Groups/users access controls: none, r/w, ro, wo, and r/w no delete via integrated Workflow Manager

Backup, archive, synchronize
Archiware Backup, Archive and Synchronize integrated

Other features are real bandwidth limiting, real bandwidth doubling/tripling, IO Monitor, Nagios integration, high quality maintenance tools, Web based graphical user interface, Avid storage emulation, LDAP, AD and OD client integration.

DDP's are modular and scalable.
One of the base systems can be combined with HD or SSD packs and 1,10 and or 40 GbE Ethernet ports, SAS card for LTO and EX card(s) for DDP16EX(R) and DDP60EXR.

The DDP way

Upcoming Events & Exhibition Information


NABShow Logo

DynamicDrivePool (DDP) is  exhibiting at NAB 
Las Vegas, USA, from April 11 - 16, 2015
DDP stand # SL 2725 is next to RED and behind VIZRT
View on Floor Plan: South Hall (Lower) - SL2725
More information of upcoming events and exhibitions and our latest news here.

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