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Why choose DDP?


If you are looking for a Storage System, the solution is right here.

The DDP is the easiest SAN around. It is one system (a DDP), one network (Ethernet) and all from one manufacturer, Ardis Technologies.

You get what you expect.


DDP stands for the super storage server Dynamic Drive Pool.

DDPs are Ethernet based SAN systems with built-in Metadatacontroller AVFS.

DDP behaves identical as Avid Storage DDP perfect for Apple Storage DDP in use with Adobe DDP in use with Autodesk DDP in use with Audio

Press Releases 2014

DDP brochure 2014


New: DDP web Gui

allows setting of (sub) folder
access rights

* Read Yes/No

* Write Yes/No

* Delete Yes/No

with inheritance
down to the file level


new DDP web GUI

More on the News page >>

all in Real Time
for Windows/Mac/Linux desktops

More about the Workflow Manager >>


Project & File level based sharing

All applications have simultaneous read/write access from/to all volumes

DDP works with PC/Apple/Linux

Bandwidth Limiting

Per desktop
bandwidth can be
accurately limited
separately for
reading and

Bandwidth Limiting

Five DDP Series

5 different lines
of products:
for every budget



micro DDP

Extreme Performance

115 MB/s over 1 GbE
200 MB/s over 2 GbE
1000 MB/s over 10 GbE

Extreme Performance

new: DDP60EX / EXR


4U bay
* Redundant Power Supplies
* Redundant or Single SAS controllers
* 4x24Gbit/s SAS ports / controller
* Drive configurations: 4x15, 2x30, 1x60
* Raid5 or Raid6 sets
* Expandable
* Perfect Cooling
* With 1-4 Raidcards throughput from 1,5-6GB/s

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Las Vegas
April 7 - 10, 2014
booth SL 13309

name: Dynamic Drive Pool

US Distributor Cinesys-Oceana

Installation & service
in US/Canada

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